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Portrait by Perrin James 


Morgan's story starts on the coast of Italy where her parents stared off into the ocean and gave their first born daughter the name Morgan meaning "from the sea". They never knew that such a name would hold so much significance in her life. 

Morgan was born in Heidleberg Germany where her family then continued to travel around the world until her father's last station with the army took her to Oahu. 

There she felt an obsessive pull to the ocean, spending every chance underwater between going to school and working part time.

Navigating her way after school societal structures left her feeling dissillusioned and unsatisfied. The only thing she knew to be fulfilling was her life underwater. 

She then moved to the country side on the Island of Hawai'i to cultivate a farm with her fiancé and to spend her days diving in some of the most magical waters in the world. 

Her story is to be unraveled but in them mean time she continues to navigate life by following her heart and the ocean tides. 


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